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Festive events calendar

December is a month when we reflect on the past year, prepare for the holidays, and show appreciation for our loved ones. For the Andrey and Julia Dashin Foundation, December has always been a hectic time filled with joy and excitement. After all, you need to organize many festive events, deliver the children’s and adults’ long-awaited presents, and bring Christmas magic to the homes of those who need it. This year was no exception: the fund held its traditional festive campaigns and implemented several new ones.

On December 15th, Exinity company employees and directors decided to play the role of Christmas elves and bring joy to 32 children, residents of the SPAVO National Shelter for victims of domestic violence. They gathered to wrap gifts and sign cards for children from different parts of Cyprus. The boxes were lovingly packed, accompanied by the postcards with soulful wishes, and delivered to their delighted recipients.

On 17 December, the Christmas spirit came to the pupils of Asomato Primary School, where 39 children aged 6 to 11 study. At the “Fairytale Green Walls” event, which took place in the Art Studio 55 gallery in co-operation with Little Odysseus, the children had a lot of exciting activities waiting for them. They enthusiastically signed festive cards for students at other schools, made an artwork of a Christmas tree from live moss, and listened to the fairy tale “The Spirit of Christmas” read by the author. Father Christmas appeared at the end as a surprise in the person of our founder, Andrey Dashin, to give presents to the children. On the same day, the students of Karmiotissa Primary School also received presents. The Foundation provided the children with new sets of school uniforms and shoes.

Christmas arrived at the Geiorkeion nursing home on December 18th, where the Astoria Violin Show trio performed for 27 residents, capturing the essence of the holiday spirit. In addition to the beautiful concert, all attendees were presented with lovely keepsake gifts, including gingerbread musical houses, traditional Christmas sweets, flowers, and angel figurines.

There can never be too many gifts, so on December 20 and 21, the Andrey and Julia Dashin Foundation and Little Odysseus prepared another surprise for 50 students from three elementary schools – Christmas magic boxes. In each box, an unusual surprise awaited the children: a magic wand and potion, a gardening kit, fabric dolls, books with fairy tales and a children’s play tent – a small oasis for solitude with a favourite book.

On December 21, with the support of the Little Odysseus organization, a charity book collection event was held at the Limassol Municipal University Library with the participation of students from our “Journalists of the Future” program. 348 schoolchildren, accompanied by teachers, brought books to the library, after which everyone had the opportunity to create Christmas cards. The donated books, along with children’s cards, were then sent to small libraries around the island. The students were also not left without gifts. For their good deeds, they received memorable gifts: glass balls, sweets, and Christmas decorations.

Students from Paphos Primary School were given gift certificates to a children’s store. With their help, the foundation provided clothing and shoes to 30 children in need.

The fund also supported a hospice in Paphos with food vouchers during the holidays, which currently hosts 9 residents.

The annual “Christmas Wish” campaign was the highlight of the year. Traditionally, together with Andrey Dashin and his two daughters, the entire Exinity directorate and their families took part in the event. On 22 December, adults dressed up as Santa Claus and Mrs. Claus while children took on the roles of elves and other Christmas characters. This year, most of the families visited the special units of Limassol’s public schools to distribute to 29 children the presents they had mentioned in their letters to Santa. Every single wish was fulfilled, including large gifts such as bicycles and a trampoline. The young patients of the pediatric oncology department of Makariou Hospital in Nicosia, which one of the directors visited with his family, were not left without gifts on the eve of the holidays. On the same day, as part of the campaign, the head of the Foundation came to congratulate the students of the local state lyceum and presented gift vouchers from the Foundation to 18 teenagers.

As Christmas approached, the festive spirit continued to prevail. On December 29th and 30th, refugee children residing in Paphos were given gifts. A total of 107 children, aged between 9 months and 15 years old, will enjoy shopping at the Children’s Shopping Centre during the holiday season.

This year’s campaign ended with providing food vouchers for the holiday table to 36 families across the island, wards of the volunteer organization Cradle of Hope, whom we help regularly.

No matter how hectic and challenging the year may be, the Andrey and Julia Dashin Foundation always strive to provide a meaningful Christmas and New Year holiday to those in need. After all, when we extend our hand to help others, our hearts become brighter, and the holidays take on a deeper meaning and significance.