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“Alone, we can do so little; together, we can do so much!”

From a young age, we were taught the importance of maintaining cleanliness and order in our homes. We all remember spending weekends cleaning our rooms, dusting surfaces, and stowing away toys. However, we often forget that our surroundings extend far beyond the walls of our homes, and litter can be found in public spaces such as streets, city courtyards, beaches, and other areas. Whether these public spaces remain clean and tidy depends solely on us and our collective efforts to keep them that way.

Exinity employees and the Dashin Foundation conducted our corporate annual cleanup on Sunday, October 15. This time, the cleanup took place at the Panagia Karmiotissa church. The City Friends Club organised the event, with which we have already established a fruitful cooperation. This volunteer organization is dedicated to keeping the city streets clean. Their teams work daily to collect garbage from hard-to-reach places in the streets and parks, making our city cleaner.

Our founders, Andrey and Julia Dashin, along with the top management and employees of Exinity and their families, participated in a Sunday cleaning activity. Before the cleanup, all participants were provided with the necessary equipment. A group of 31 adults and 18 children dedicatedly rolled up their sleeves and cleaned the entire area surrounding the church. The youngest participant was only 2.5 years old, but he fearlessly picked up a rake and helped the adults with all his might. After sorting and packing the garbage, ready for removal, the area around the church again became a clean, green field bathed in the warm October sun.

The Dashin Foundation is dedicated to keeping our city clean. Every year, we launch various eco-projects and participate in cleaning beaches, streets, and parks. We believe that our home is not only the place we live in but the whole world in which we reside. Therefore, we must incorporate eco-friendly habits into our daily lives at work and home and ensure our planet does not drown in litter.