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The Dashin Foundation supported a tree planting project in the village of Agioi Vavatsinias

When we marvel at the rich foliage atop trees, we often forget their vital role in protecting our environment. Not only do trees provide the oxygen essential to all life on Earth, but they also shield soil from erosion and weather damage. This makes trees particularly important in regions with prevalent farming or natural disasters.

On March 9th, Andrey and Julia Dashin’s Foundation supported a tree-planting initiative in the territory of Agioi Vavatsinias. This is one of the eight villages that experienced severe fires several years ago and was the final event within the PyrAnakampsi project. Before this initiative, volunteers had already planted trees in the other seven villages. The need for such landscaping arose after the devastating fires in the rural areas of Limassol, Larnaca, and Pentadaktylos during the summer of 2021.

Due to the damage caused by natural disasters, both the villages and the land were adversely impacted. The soil was threatened by erosion, which could only be prevented by constructing protective walls and planting trees and shrubs. In response, the PyrAnakampsi project was established, and a grant from the Active Citizens Fund Cyprus program was awarded to carry out its objectives and support the affected regions.

The Laona Foundation organised an event to promote its PyrAnakampsi project. The Foundation is committed to preserving and restoring rural Cyprus’s cultural and natural heritage. To achieve this, it encourages gentle farming practices and promotes tourism to the picturesque corners of the island. The foundation also engages in educational activities to explain the significance of these territories in the country’s life.

In addition to the Laona Foundation, various organisations, such as the Local Community Council, Apodimi and Friends Association, Agioi Vavatsinias Church Committee and Youth Association, Phoenix Association, and village resident Tim Price, attended the event. The project received financial assistance from the European Economic Area (EEA). However, the funds provided were insufficient to cover all the project needs, so the Andrey and Julia Dashin Foundation extended its support.

On March 9, 34 volunteers gathered to plant 240 trees and bushes in the village. Following the planting, a memorial plaque was installed next to the new greenery to express gratitude to all those who participated, including the Dashin Foundation.

We hope the new trees will quickly help Agioi Vavatsinias recover and delight locals and tourists.