A Prize for the Broker, Profits for the Investor

Business District, 04.05.2009

Alpari’s PAMM Account service recently grabbed an award at the Financial Olympus Awards as the “Best Innovative Technology”.

Developing innovative products requires a large expenditure of time, money and human resources and the outcome of new products is never certain. Statistically, only one out of five products ends up working out and making a noticeable impact on the market. Andrey Dashin, president of the financial company Alpari, recently shared with us that his employees spent an entire year developing the innovative service in a specially-created department. The result is certainly impressive. The PAMM Account (Percentage Allocation Management Module) is an entirely new type of investment. The managed account has not only turned out to be a hit with investors, but has already earned an award at the Financial Olympus Awards, one of the most prestigious honors in the world of Russian finance.