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A Visit to the “Care” Orphanage

On New Year’s Eve, I, along with my eldest children Alexandra and Pavel paid a visit to the orphanage “Care”, which is in the Alekseyevsky Region of the Republic of Tatarstan.

The orphanage provides shelter to 16 children and teenagers, who, for various reasons, are left without the care of their parents. The institution lies 100 kilometers from Kazan, and in my eyes is not overly spoilt by volunteers and representatives of charities from the Republic. Nevertheless, the Alpari Charitable Fund has a long history of support for “Care”, and any request from the home’s Director, Irina Pavlovna Baykova, is always met with a response from our side.

Before the trip to “Care”, my children, by themselves, picked out a number of presents for the orphans — skates and educational toys. We handed out the festive presents and spent a happy New Year’s matinee in the company of Father Christmas and his granddaughter “Snegurochka”.

The children at “Care” are from crowded and low income families who have met hard times. The staff took us on a short excursion around the home and we saw how the children lived there. I would like every child to have a happy childhood and that the life of the orphans at “Care” is always filled with joyful children’s laughter.