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“Kindness in a box” – charity campaign!

Dear Friends,

The Andrey & Julia Dashin’s Foundation is glad to announce the launch of its first “Kindness in a Box” campaign, in the framework of supporting the International Day for the Eradication of Poverty, 17th of October.

What is this campaign about?

The campaign is aimed to provide real help to persons applying for basic financial assistance to the Foundation.

 How can I apply?

The campaign shall run throughout the month of October. Persons interested in applying for financial assistance will need to complete the Campaign Application Form, found on the Foundation’s website

Anyone can apply for their own individual “Kindness in a Box” package. The terms are very simple and accessible for everyone.

All it takes is filling out an application form and sending it, together with the requested support documentation, to the Foundation’s email address: [email protected]. Applications can be completed electronically or handwritten in neat, legible handwriting.

The Foundation shall only respond to applications which have been submitted including all the requested support documentation, and will not respond to applications which do not specify exactly the assistance requested. Therefore, it is important to be as specific and accurate as possible in the application.

 All the information provided by the applicant is carefully reviewed by the Foundation. Therefore, it is important to complete the application as accurately and truthfully as possible. Applications with false data shall be dismissed automatically.

All documents must be submitted to the Foundation by email, and if you do not have access to internet or a PC, please kindly contact the Foundation for further advice. Tel.: 25-246120.

Every application shall be reviewed individually within 5 working days.

The grant of any material assistance is at the pure discretion of the Foundation’s committee. Generally the applications shall be evaluated and responded to on a first-come first-serve basis. Nevertheless, the urgency of the need and the necessity of the basic assistance requested shall be taken into consideration.

The Foundation is not obliged to give explanation of its decision once a reply has been sent to the applicant.

Please note that despite the individual approach and review of every application, the Foundation as a charitable organization may be unable to respond to each and every request of the applicant. Not all applications may be considered on the basis of the details provided by the applicant.

How can I receive the “Kindness in a Box” package once I qualify for assistance?shutterstock_65033050

Following the 5 day review period, the applicant shall be contacted by the Foundation staff member either by phone or in writing to announce the Foundation’s decision.

If you do not receive a reply within 5 working days, please contact us by phone 25-246120.

Following a positive response, the successful applicant shall receive his/her “Care Package” within 5 working days from the day of response.

If you live in Limassol we will arrange for prize collection from our offices. If you reside outside Limassol, we can arrange delivery to your home address via AKIS following your claim call for the prize.