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Children’s Creativity Day in Limassol

The annual Children’s Creativity Day was held at the end of June, in Limassol. This is the 7th time this lively festival has taken place and was supported by the Limassol municipal authority and the “Vestnik Kipra” journal, amongst a host of other private companies.

This year, my and my wife’s charity fund became a partner of this celebration for the first time. With the financial support of the Andrey and Julia Dashin’s Foundation, the event put on a number of master classes and creative groups teaching sport dancing, choreography and gymnastics for the aesthetic and intellectual development of those involved.

I am pleased to say that the happiness of the Cypriot children was shared with the many young guests from Russia. Together with their Cypriot peers, they took part in the concert program, artistic competitions and the art fair, where adults were able to buy souvenirs and hand crafted items made by the children.

I think that in addition to the family, the community is required to make a significant contribution to the upbringing and development of children. After all, whatever values planted now in the next generation, are those that will flourish in the future.