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The First International Forex Congress in Moscow

In the middle of March, I took part in the first International Forex Congress in Moscow. Alpari were strategic partners for the event which was organized under the aegis of CRFIN.

Together, in one place, gathered representatives from the leading companies in the Forex market from the CIS and Western Europe, as well as experts and representatives from the federal government. It was pleasing that the welcome address, wishing the attendees success in their endeavors, was from the Chairman of the Federation Council of the Russian Federation, Valentina Matviyenko.

The congress saw real issues in the industry being discussed, most prominently among them being the outlook for regulation in the Forex market in Russia and the CIS. The congress participants also noted the real progress being made in the preparation of legislative initiatives for the regulation of the Forex market in Russia. I am certain that this is only possible through open discussion between the Forex community and the government authorities in Russia.

From my perspective, the first large scale event of this this kind, organized by CRFIN, was successful. More than 200 people were able to use this prestigious event to engage in open discussions with all the market participants and interested parties. I hope that the annual Forex Congress becomes a firm tradition.