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Alpari plans expansion, Andrey Dashin gets intellectual property rights for the brand

LeapRate.Com, Maria Nikolova, 06.02.2015

Earlier today it became clear that Andrey Dashin, chairman of the Board of Directors of Alpari RU, has completed the deal for getting intellectual ownership rights over the brand.

This means that he now has the intellectual property rights for the trademarks Alpari, the domain names, with these ownership rights spanning over 60 countries. The latter group includes the countries in the European Union, Asia, the Middle East, Africa, North and South America.

Andrey Dashin says that the moves taken by Alpari UK in the aftermath of the events on January 15, 2015, were the right ones. He also insists that this opens new horizons for the rest of the companies within the Alpari Group, especially for the companies operating in Russia and CIS.

«Acquiring intellectual property rights for the brand from Alpari (UK) has been the first step in a wider move to expand Alpari on a global scale. This deal has strategic meaning and opens a new chapter in the history of the companies, working with clients in Russia and CIS. Today the most efficient anf professional Alpari team got green light for international development. Our first target will be Asia and the countries in the Middle East», said Andrey Dashin.

He added that in the end of January the management Alpari visited Hong Kong, where a meeting with Securities and Futures Commission (SFC), the local financial regulator, was held.

«Asia is the fastest growing and the most perspective market. Following our visit to Hong Kong, we made the decision to start preparations to obtain the necessary license there», commented Dashin.

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