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Alpari Charitable Fund is 10!

10 years ago I took the decision to create a charitable fund in the Republic of Tatarstan. On this jubilee week of the fund’s creation we can take some time to reflect upon the remarkable things we have achieved.

All this time we have been providing well-needed opportunity to children who live in Tatarstan, helping them to grow and develop fully independent of their background, physical or mental disposition. We sponsor young children and institutions in the republic, searching for talented young people and offering help to people who are in need of it. We see that all of our efforts are not in vain with the outcome of our hard work: the Alpari Charitable Fund has helped out in 5,000 separate cases, improving the lives of all concerned.

Over the 10 years that the fund has been in operation, its team has developed over 10 permanent programs and initiatives, providing monetary support in excess of 50 million Russian rubles. The fund has held over 300 events and celebrations, putting money raised towards the treatment of over 400 children and towards helping over 4,000 families.

The Alpari Charitable Fund has received numerous awards on both a national and local level. I am convinced that the achievements of fund are a direct result of the hard work and efforts of our team which has upped the standards for all parties involved in charitable work by attracting many a volunteer and like-minded individual to its cause.