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Alpari Charitable Fund Awarded Russian Olympus Prize

I am delighted to let you know that, on the eve of turning ten years old, the Alpari Charitable Fund has received yet another important and extremely high appraisal of its activities in Russia.

Due to the transparency of its work, the professionalism in the organisation of its events and, most importantly, for the effective help that the fund offers, the Alpari Charitable Fund became a prize-winning laureate of the Russian Olympus 2015 national awards in topping the list in the nomination “For outstanding contribution to the development of philanthropic culture in Russia.”

And so, almost a decade has passed since the Alpari Charitable Fund began offering targeted assistance to seriously ill children and families who have fallen upon hard times. My charitable fund develops and launches social programs in partnership with the governmental and municipal authorities of Tartarstan, in addition to partnership with the social and cultural institutions of the republic. In my opinion, this allows us to widen our spectrum with regards to the amount of children and families that we can offer help to within the region. The things that the fund has achieved so far is testament to our team which has formed and spreads high standards of cultural philanthropy; attracting hundreds of like-minded people and volunteers to take part in our effort.

The fund has developed new social and humanitarian projects and I am sure that, by putting them into practice, we can give hope for a better life to thousands of families in need.