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International FXTM Limassol Boxing Cup Becoming Nothing Short of a Cypriot Sporting Tradition

At the end of May in Limassol the FXTM Limassol Boxing Cup took place.

The event drummed up a lot of interest among sport lovers and resonated throughout the sporting community on the Cypriot island. The boxing tournament really differed in its specularity and the way that it was organized, being accompanied by a cultural program.

The competition took place over the course of three days with the support of FXTM, the National Federation of Boxing and the Limassol Municipal Council. Hundreds of fans managed to watch sensational fights between sportsmen from a number of different countries across various weight categories.

The competition final was inaugurated by the mayor of Limassol, Andreas Christou. It’s with great pleasure that we can report on the quality and sportsmanship of the fights. This was especially the case in the fights between the female athletes and the performances from the international dance center, Hallmark.

This year the Cypriot sportsmen once again affirmed their strength as winners. We would like applaud the island’s climate and culture for the development of boxing as it continues to push forward. The international status of the competition and the ever-increasing attention it attracts to the country, and boxing’s development within it, gave its citizens cause for joy. Undoubtedly, FXTM will continue its support for Cypriot sportsmen into the future.