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Alpari Charitable fund participated in the meeting “Merhemet-Mercy”

On October 21st, members of the Alpari Charitable fund, along with representatives of local NGOs and charities, took part in the meeting of the United National Council of Women Deputies of the Republic of Tatarstan, called “Merhemet-Mercy”.

The purpose of the meeting was to present the most significant and long-term social projects that were implemented in the Republic of Tatarstan. Representatives of each municipality took turns in presenting their ongoing projects and the charitable work taking place in their region, while also explaining the problems and issues they continuously face within the local society.

The event was chaired by the Deputy Chairman of the State Council in the Republic of Tatarstan and the Head of the Deputy Association, Tatiana Larionova, who proposed the establishment of a new award in memory of the famous philanthropist, Asgate Galimzyanovich Galimzyanov. The award aims to showcase individuals who have made significant donations in the name of helping those in need. The meeting ended with the decision to establish the national databank of socially-oriented NGOs who work in the social service field.

This is an important development for all of us involved – both the donators and the recipients – since a forward-thinking move like this can only have a positive outcome.