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FXTM Organises Corporate Mountain Trip Along the Swiss Alps

Soon the time came for our annual corporate trip to the mountains and this year FXTM and I went on an adventure across the Alps, along Survorov’s way. The 8-day trip began on the 16th and ended on the 24th of September and took us from Lugano to Milan

As we followed in the footsteps of the Russian military leader and his troops, we all got to know each other a little bit better and bond with each other as we trekked alongside some of the most spectacular and breathtaking views I’ve ever seen.

The real challenge of this particular adventure was, of course, trekking though the Chinzig-Culm Pass (2073m) and descending to the valley of Muotathal. You can’t help but feel humbled when you see your colleagues working together on a gigantic climb like this one and keeping each other encouraged right up to the end.

The trip also included taking a tour of Suvorov places in the canton of Ticino, walking though St Gotthard’s Pass – the famous Devil’s Bridge – on foot, visiting local museums and the mountain resort of Zermatt. We also took a cable car trip to the slopes of the famous Mont Blanc.

Being able to share a passion of mine with my colleagues is always something unique in its own way and it’s a tradition that I will continue to uphold with both Alpari and FXTM for years to come.