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FXTMbasejump Project Concludes Revealing a New World Record

Forex broker-sports sponsorships have become something of a trend lately, frequently making the headlines and drawing our attention to the alternative ways we look at forex trading. Combining forces with people from other fields is a great opportunity to engage with various audiences and promote your brand further.

In June 2016 my company, FXTM, announced that it’s partnering up with one of Russia’s legendary BASE jumpers and renowned Red Bull athlete, Valery Rozov, for a journey named the #FXTMbasejump project. This great adventure concluded in October with the setting of a new world record in BASE jumping.

When FXTM first got to know Valery Rozov, we all soon discovered that our two worlds had more in common that one would think. This relationship became the perfect stage for FXTM to showcase its own values as seen through a BASE jumper’s journey on his way to a world record. By highlighting the importance of: redefining limits, getting proper training and education, taking the necessary steps for risk management and ultimately reaching your goals – FXTM also aimed to inspire its clients to take their trading experience to greater heights.

The project saw Valery Rozov through a strict series of trainings and preparations, which took place in France, Peru and Italy, before he reached the ultimate peak of Cho Oyu in China. The jump took place on the 5th of October from a height of 7700 metres above sea level, beating Valery’s previous 7200 metre world record from the Everest Massif in 2013.

Valery Rozov’s passion for his sport is a great reminder of how rewarding hard work, dedication and focus on your goals can be. This philosophy translates perfectly to FXTM’s own core mission, and provides an ideal example of the kind of path taken towards becoming a leading broker.