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The Alpari Charitable Fund celebrates Maslenitsa and donates large amounts of food

In February, the Alpari Charitable Fund organized fun days for children to celebrate ‘Maslenitsa’, a traditional Russian holiday which highlights the end of the winter chills and the beginning of spring, warmth, growth and, of course, hope.

The events took place firstly at the “Tim-Tim” Children’s development center and then at the Derbishki village where children of the Alpari Charitable fund were also joined by those from the local orphanage and school. Both events were a great success and were filled with children’s laughter as they ate pancakes, drank hot samovar tea, played football, embraced traditional activities next to the sound of a balalaika and made new friends.

In addition, February also saw the fund engaged in a number of projects to provide free food to underprivileged children and families across Russia. The Alpari Charitable Fund partnered up with the Russian federal promotion “Put your heart in a Big Cause!” with an aim to deliver 3,5 million portions of products to more than 50 thousand families, children from orphanages, and other institutions across the country including the fund’s home region, Tatarstan. Furthermore, the Alpari Charitable Fund, along with the service –, launched a project called “Special Nutrition for Special Children” in order to help with the provision of special food to children with health problems.

Finally, the Alpari Charitable Fund, teamed up with the Food Fund “Rus” and the X5 Retail Group, to once again organise the “Kindness Basket” campaign, which accompanied the Defender of the Fatherland Day celebrations, in order to collect food products for single fathers and single elderly men in more than 20 cities across the country.

I would like to extend a special thanks to all the volunteers who have helped to collect food and whose altruism is what gives strength to the Alpari Charitable Fund to continue the important work it does.