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Andrey & Julia Dashin’s Foundation sponsors “Let’s do it Cyprus!”

The Andrey & Julia Dashin’s Foundation is proud to announce its support for the global clean up movement ‘Let’s do it World!’, made local as the ‘Let’s do it, Cyprus!’ campaign, which aims to rid all natural areas of the world, from litter and pollution.

The idea, born in Estonia in 2008, quickly became the biggest volunteering movement in the world, with more than a hundred countries joining the large scale project ever since.

The campaign kicks-off on the 27th of March, reaching a crescendo on the 2nd of April where more than 25,000 volunteers will gather to clean the whole island in just one day. The organizing team of ‘Together Cyprus’, a local NGO along with the Office Commissioner for the Environment of the Republic of Cyprus, stated that: “ The importance of this campaign is not just its environmental impact but its aim to cultivate the idea of being an active citizen when it comes to environmental issues but also social issues in general. The environment shares a direct relationship with the quality of life of the citizens and the future of our planet. And this involves everyone, State and Community”.

The foundation has always aimed to emphasize the importance of being environmentally conscious as well as promoting green living through sponsoring projects such as the “Let’s do it Cyprus” campaign in 2015 and participating in a number of other environmentally conscious campaigns and recycling festivals.  One of the founders, Mrs. Julia Dashina commented that: “The production of urban waste in Cyprus is the second highest in Europe. To be able to support this campaign is extremely important because it educates people on the effects of pollution and littering as well as the impact all our actions have on the environment.”

It is important to note that for the first time in its years, ‘Let’s do it Cyprus!’ is also joining forces with a plethora of primary schools, high schools, universities and colleges in an effort to engage all municipalities and communities and instill the spirit of volunteerism in both the young and the old. As a platinum sponsor of the event, the Andrey & Julia Dashin’s Foundation proudly calls on everyone to join the campaign and help clean the island’s cities and villages including all 10 national forest parks, its rivers, waterfalls and dams.

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