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‘Let’s do it, Cyprus’ Campaign Succeeds in Cleaning up the Island

This year, the Andrey and Julia Dashin’s Foundation decided to support the biggest global clean-up movement ‘Let’s do it, world’ in its Cypriot campaign, ‘Let’s do it, Cyprus’. As the platinum sponsor we had the responsibility of providing the organisers with the funds and any other material needed in order to set up this large scale project and ensure that it ran smoothly. The goal of ‘Let’s do it, Cyprus’ was to gather as many volunteers as possible and work together in cleaning up the entire island in a day while also raising awareness on the importance of protecting Cyprus’ flora and fauna.

I am pleased to announce that on the 2nd of April, 35.516 volunteers from across the island – including MPS, mayors and commissioners joined forces for the noble cause of ridding the island of garbage and littering. People from all backgrounds and of all ages came together in the 5th consecutive year for this amazing cause and together cleaned the 563 forests, parks, waterfalls, beaches, cities and villages of the island.

A movement such as a ‘Let’s do it World’ is a good reminder of the responsibilities we have to our environment and that if we all try we can safeguard it and keep our world clean and safe, our future generations will also enjoy the beauty and benefits we often take for granted.