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Sergey Karyakin meets with Russian President Vladimir Putin

On July 6th, Russian President Vladimir Putin met with chess grandmaster Sergey Karyakin, a good friend and partner of Alpari, at the presidential residence in Novo-Ogarevo. Together they discussed the future of chess in Russia, and then the head of state thanked Sergey for popularizing chess as a sport and received an invitation to visit the recently opened chess club on Gogolevsky Boulevard in Moscow.

It was an extraordinary meeting, which showed marked Sergey’s great contribution and outstanding achievements and I’m very proud of what Sergey has achieved.

The cooperation between Alpari and Sergey has a long history, with Alpari being the first and key sponsor of the grandmaster for the past five years. We worked together on the project called “Returning the chess crown to Russia”, and with Alpari’s support, Sergey managed to compete with Magnus Carlsen in the world chess championship in New York last November.

This year Sergei and Alpari are planning to run master classes and meetings with young chess players in a number of cities in Russia, and it’s something we look very forward to.