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Andrey & Julia Dashin’s Foundation joins forces with Terra Cypria to support underprivileged children

During the weekend of the 23rd and 24th of June, the Andrey & Julia Dashin’s Foundation joined forces with Terra Cypria – the Cyprus Conservation Foundation – to offer an unforgettable 2-day adventure to a group of children from the Nicosia Children’s Shelter. The goal of the project is to enable young people with fewer opportunities to take part in hands-on environmental educational experiences and connect them with Cyprus’ rich natural heritage.

Nine children from the Nicosia Children’s Shelter had the opportunity to participate in a series of fun workshops designed to foster the development of environmental awareness, critical-thinking skills (inherent in science-based teaching), outdoor skills, as well as life skills such as cooperation and communication. At the same time, through the first-hand learning of staying in a traditional village, the children also had the opportunity to gain cultural awareness from their surroundings.

The weekend took place in Terra Cypria’s Cyprus Environmental Studies Centre (CESC) in Kritou Terra, Pafos. Established in 1996, the Cyprus Environmental Studies Centre aims to teach future generations about the importance of the environment and sustainable development and encourage them to become responsible active citizens.

Lefkios Sergides, Executive Director of Terra Cypria, stated that: “We are very grateful for Andrey & Julia Dashin Foundation’s generous sponsorship and the Social Welfare Service’s support for this initiative. Environmental education is one of the longest-running pillars of our Foundation, and our vision is that each and every child is given the chance to connect with nature in a way that allows for environmental awareness to be developed and for positive experiences to be created. Welcoming the children from the Nicosia Children’s Shelter in our premises in Kritou Terra and introducing them to the wealth of beauty of the Akamas Peninsula does not only meet the goals of our Foundation, but has been a meaningful experience; one that we would be happy to repeat in the future.”

Mr. Andrey Dashin commented on the project by saying, “As a father of three, children hold a special place in my heart. Sponsoring such projects is of great importance because it allows children with fewer opportunities to enter a world of knowledge and have an experience that they may not have otherwise been able to. It also helps cultivate them to become responsible adults who will grow to have respect for themselves and the environment.”

Terra Cypria is a non-governmental, non-profit Organization. It was established in 1992 with the overall aim of promoting environmental awareness, sustainability and protection in Cyprus, through education, policy and conservation actions.

Both Foundations would like to thank the Nicosia Children’s Shelter Organisation for their assistance.