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Andrey and Julia Dashin’s Foundation supports ‘Koinoniko Pantopolio’ for Christmas

Continuing their Christmas tradition of helping people in need and spreading joy for the holiday season, Andrey & Julia Dashin’s Foundation has decided once again to help poor families by donating a plethora of amenities.

During the whole month of December, the Foundation will generously donate products to Koinoniko Pantopolio, a social initiative that runs under the umbrella of the Limassol Municipality. The donation consists of €1,450 worth of diapers, milk formulae and baby food in order to help the 150 families that are supported by the program in the municipality of Limassol.

Antonis Charalambous, Deputy Municipal Secretary of the Limassol Municipality, expressed his gratitude for the Foundation’s contribution to Koinoniko Pantopolio by stating:

“On behalf of the Mayor of Limassol, we thank you for your contribution to our social initiative. The donations you give to Koinoniko Pantopolio are a big part of the efforts taken by the Municipality to help its underprivileged citizens”.

Founder Andrey Dashin, also expressed his joy by commenting:

“This year’s motto is ‘Sharing is Caring’ and what better way to start the new year than by offering physical goods to families that truly need them. To be in a position to give back to the district of Limassol, the city that has been hosting myself and my family for the last couple of years, is a blessing and I only wish for the rest of the Cypriot community to follow our example and help make the holidays a bit more special”.