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A special letter on Mother’s day


I want to take this opportunity on Mother’s Day to congratulate the women who play such an influential role in the lives of everybody on the planet.

For me, being a mother is not limited to giving birth and raising my own children. This role is much bigger than the sum of its parts; we are the creators of the next generation. Our wisdom, time and energy creates the greatest minds, scientists, artists, politicians and movers and shakers who bring about positive change in our world.

Our men can be great achievers, but without the foundation we have created for all of them and the ongoing support of the mothers, sisters, partners and wives, they would not be so able to fulfil their potential.

Not only sons benefit from having wonderful mothers. Our successful women are clearly the result of having a powerful female role model who has instilled in them the belief that, with hard work, you can reach the same heights of success as the boys, if not overtake them.

I’m pleased to see that women are carving out a larger chunk of the limelight and with every generation we are taking more of an equal place at the table. More and more mothers are becoming influential personalities in this world, not limited to their important role in the home. They manage to achieve great things outside the home too that have a huge impact on our lives and future generations.

The crucial role of a good father is not being forgotten here. They provide a balance to the female energy in the home and those children lucky enough to grow up with both parents in a happy and healthy family really do get the best of both worlds.

However, the softer female qualities are unique to a mother and child’s relationship. To be forgiving, kind, passionate, tolerant, fair and wise are the traits that a good mother must have to keep her family on track. Learning these qualities provides young women with a great tool kit for negotiation and building and maintaining strong and beneficial relationships in their adult lives.

Mother Nature is not called MOTHER Nature for nothing!

Everything good that’s going on in the world has a strong, intelligent and loving woman standing behind it and today is the day to acknowledge that by raising a glass and toasting us all.

Yours sincerely,

Julia Dashina