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Andrey & Julia Dashin’s Foundation Youth Race Press Conference

On March 7, the Andrey & Julia Dashin’s Foundation held a special Press Conference for the media and the Cypriot public to promote its support in the island’s biggest sporting event, the OPAP Limassol Marathon GSO. The event took place at the Limassol Town Hall and was attended by the First Lady of Cyprus, the Mayor of Limassol,  a representative from the Ministry of Education and Culture, Mrs. Hadjiosif, and founder, Mrs. Julia Dashina.

 In his welcoming speech, Limassol Mayor Nicos Nicolaidis stated: “Τhis wouldn’t be possible without the support of the Andrey & Julia Dashin’s Foundation, an organisation ran by a couple with vision and love for Limassol as well as Cyprus. We thank the Andrey & Julia Dashin’s Foundation for supporting and sponsoring the Youth Race for the second year in a row. As collaborators, the Municipality of Limassol considers this an honour and we are honoured to be your partners”

First Lady, Mrs Andri Anastasiadis, also thanked the Foundation for its continuing support and commitment, commenting that: “It is truly a pleasure to set the Andrey & Julia Dashin’s Foundation Youth Race under my auspices. Dear Andrey and Julia thank you for your generosity throughout the years, and your extensive charitable work and activities. We are very proud that we can always count on your support on our continuous efforts to provide every possible help to those in need.”

Mrs. Dashina stated: “We are big believers that children should be encouraged to take up exercising and that we as adults should promote a healthier lifestyle. With this in mind we ensure that all children taking part in the Andrey & Julia Dashin’s Foundation Youth Race will have free participation in hopes that this will be the spark they need to start exercising daily.”

For the first time this year, the Andrey & Julia Dashin’s Foundation will also be awarding 18 additional prizes alongside the trophies, to all the boys and girls who finish in the first three places across all three age categories. The founders will also provide additional prizes to the school with the biggest participation of runners as well as to all the children with disabilities and special needs taking part in the race.

 Regarding the latter, Mrs. Dashina commented that: “The determination and smiles as they crossed the finishing line was the most inspiring moment of the event year.”