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Andrey & Julia Dashin’s Foundation announces its sponsorship of two family concerts for a great cause

Andrey & Julia Dashin’s Foundation is proud to announce its sponsorship of two side-by-side concerts organized by Cyprus Symphony Orchestra and Sistema Cyprus – a local social project with a global mindset that seeks to provide underprivileged children free music education through the formation of youth orchestras and choirs. With spring just around the corner, these family concerts titled “Join the Rhythm” will feature guest conductor Estrada Martinez and aim to entertain and uplift family members of all ages, with folk and folk-based dances and well-known classical pieces.

Ninety musicians will be performing on stage, which is a big number for Cyprus. Professional musicians from the Cyprus Symphony Orchestra will be playing simultaneously with the children of Sistema who have been learning classical musical instruments since September – when the project first launched in Cyprus.

Having supported the Sistema project from its very beginning, founder Julia Dashina made the following comment:

“Music unites us all. It does not look at what language you speak, what age you are, what colour, what gender, or how much money you make. It is one of the universal truths in life, and we are so very proud to be able to be part of Sistema’s Cyprus efforts in giving underprivileged children the gift of music and the chance to escape their everyday hardships, even for a short while.

We cannot wait to see the progress of these children and, of course, join the rhythm and become part of the fun!”

Nikoletta Polydorou, Executive Director from Sistema Cyprus also commented by saying:

“Andrey & Julia Dashin’s Foundation supported and trusted our cause from the first steps of our organization and this is of highly importance to us and our children. It is an honor to have the Foundation as a Supporter in this concert as it is a great step for our orchestra to perform side-by-side with a professional symphony orchestra.”