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Andrey & Julia Dashin’s Foundation supports Cyprus Autism Association

Andrey & Julia Dashin’s Foundation is proud to announce its support of the island’s first summer school care program for the needs of families with autistic children, organized by the Cyprus Autism Association. The program, attended by 20 children between 4 and 12, took place at the Tricherousas primary school, Limassol, from 24 June to 2 August.

The summer school care program offers children a number of interesting daily activities, such as painting, group games, swimming, music, theater, arts and crafts and specialized exercises. Each day the school’s trainers strive to teach a variety of life skills by developing the strengths and supporting the needs of the students.

Founder Andrey Dashin commented:

“About 1% of children around the world are diagnosed with autism and the specific causes are not known. Autistic children, just like all children, need time to play and enjoy activities of their own choosing. Being blessed to be in a position to help people, we are very happy to do our best for this summer school care program. We hope that through a variety of activities and therapies, these children and their parents will feel much better.”

President of the Cyprus Autism Association, Tasoula Georgiadu, added to this:

“A survey of families with autistic children showed that finding activities for their children in the summer months is a huge problem. The Association, despite its difficult situation, has taken over the organization and implementation of the summer program in order to enable children to have a pleasant and creative time, as well as to help working parents solve the problem of specialized childcare during the summer holidays. Sponsorship of this program was very important. We thank Andrey & Julia Dashin’s Foundation for its support and cooperation.”

The Association for People with Autism was established in 1990, and is recognized by the state as a nonprofit charity organization. The Cyprus Autism Association is a member of Autism Europe and the World Autism Organization.

The main purpose of the Cyprus Autism Association is to work to ensure the rights of individuals with autism, so as to secure them a better quality of life. The Association is trying to achieve this by guaranteeing them the lifelong right to access the education and treatment they are proven to need.

Since May 2004, the Association has operated with great success the first specialized Intervention Centre in Limassol for the rehabilitation, education, treatment, protection and employment of children and adults with autism.