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Andrey & Julia Dashin’s Foundation receives an award at the ‘Let’s Do It, Cyprus!’ ceremony

On 3 June, Andrey & Julia Dashin’s Foundation received an award at the ‘Let’s Do It, Cyprus!’ ceremony – the biggest environmental campaign which aims to “clean the nature of Cyprus from rubbish, and to raise public awareness for the protection, conservation and sustainable management of the land and marine environment”.

The event was organized by local NGO, ‘Together Cyprus’ along with the Environment Commissioner, the Commissioner for Volunteering and NGOs, the Press and Information Office, the Department of Forests, the Union of Municipalities, the Water Development Department, the Pedagogical Institute, the Cyprus Youth Organization and the European Commission.

At the annual award ceremony, organizers summed up the results of the campaign and thanked all the participants, volunteers and supporters. This year, 49,560 volunteers and more than 510 teams took part in this project.

Founder Andrey Dashin stated:

The 2019 campaign was run throughout Cyprus between 2-7 April, across the island’s cities and villages, including all 10 national forest parks, rivers, waterfalls and dams. During this campaign volunteers and teams collected 260 tons of mixed trash and 50 tons of recyclable waste, which is equal to the weight of 25 urban buses. These numbers are impressive for a small island. We would like to thank the organizers of the ceremony for this recognition and the award. This is a great initiative to clean up the whole island in one day and we will continue to support such projects to protect the environment.”

Andrey & Julia Dashin’s Foundation supported ‘Let’s Do It, Cyprus!’ for the fourth time. As a reminder, ‘Let’s Do It, Cyprus!’ is part of the ‘Let’s Do it, World!’ project which began in Estonia in 2008 with the aim to clean up the whole world from illegally dumped solids. The project is implemented in 112 countries all over the world.