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Celebrating the Honey Children Festival in Melini village

Andrey & Julia Dashin’s Foundation were pleased to support the Honey Children Festival, which took place on the 15th September in Melini village. This event was organised for the first time by the Community Board of Melini and aimed to highlight the cultural heritage of apiculture and promote its traditional gastronomy. The Festival also offered entertainment and activities, especially for families with young children from Cyprus and other countries.

The guests were able to learn everything about bees, and enjoy music, dancing, stories, as well as honey from local beekeepers.

Founder Julia Dashina commented on this collaboration with Melini village:

“Honey is nature’s sweetest gift. It tastes wonderful and gives health benefits to people of all ages, especially children. It’s a great idea to celebrate this important creation at the Honey Children Festival, as well as to provide an educational platform for children and adults to learn more about bees. We hope that this event was not only fun for guests, but was also a big step towards the wonderful village of Melini becoming a popular tourist attraction.

Melini village is located in the Larnaka district of Cyprus. The community is composed of 60 residents. In recent years, even more young people have chosen to build their houses and live in Melini with their children.