| Andrey and Julia Dashin’s Foundation

Andrey & Julia Dashin’s Foundation helps Cradle of Hope Association to significantly improve their mediator services and cover the needs of the wards

The year 2020 has become a great challenge for each of us. People lost their jobs, many had to move to a more affordable place to live, health issues have been escalating, and many businesses became bankrupt. Since spring most of us have been experiencing the kind of stress we had never had before, on the other hand, it forced us all to think strategically about how to manage our lives under new conditions.

Andrey & Julia Dashin’s Foundation always focuses on issues facing our society and provides necessary assistance to organizations asking for support. We care. We live here and we sincerely want to contribute by helping to improve lives of the underprivileged.

Recently Dashin’s Foundation supported Cradle of Hope Association, the first and only registered organization aiming to help Russian-speaking residents all over Cyprus in dealing with their daily struggles. We are delighted to know that our help will enable Cradle of Hope to improve the volume, quantity, and quality of the mediator services they provide to those who are in a critical situation.

Our Founder, Andrey Dashin, noted: «New Covid 19 measures were announced on 17th October due to the increasing spread of the pandemic within the community of Cyprus. It means that even more people will find themselves in a never-ending struggle to attain a basic level of life. And it means that Dashin Foundation will do its utmost to help people in genuine need. We are glad to support Cradle of Hope in their outstanding assistance to Russian-speaking people».


Cradle of hope Association, registered in February 2020, Non-profit organization aiming to assist the Russian-speaking residents of Cyprus in a crisis situation. Cradle of hope assisting in resolving the following situations: domestic violence; legal advisory; escorting to government agencies, helping to comply with the rule of law and taking the necessary measures; assistance in integration into the Cypriot community; provision of psychological, legal, material, informational and other support, based on each specific case.