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FXTM and Andrey and Julia Dashin’s Foundation continue to take care of the owls in the Pafos Zoo

For three years in a row, Andrey and Julia Dashin’s Foundation and FXTM have been covering all the expenses related to the maintenance of owls living in the Pafos Zoo. At the moment, the zoo is home to  7 different species of owl and a total of 15 amazing birds. In August this year, we gladly decided to continue our support of these wise and beautiful creatures.

All the necessary conditions for a comfortable stay were arranged for the owls. The newly expanded enclosures already provide the birds with free flight, along with the special attention, care, and concern of the Zoo staff that helps the owls maintain physical and mental health.

Pafos Zoo coordinator Ioulios Christoforou cordially noted: «Cooperation between Pafos Zoo, Dashin’s Foundation and FXTM is something we and our animals hold very, very dear to our hearts. This kind of help is greatly needed, especially in such difficult times. Through that help, we get to give our animals a much better way of life and go the extra step to make their lives under our care as exciting, joyful, and happy as possible. We owe Dashin’s Foundation and FXTM a great thank you and we hope in the future more organizations in Cyprus will follow in their footsteps and support us in the difficult task we undertook when we opened the Zoo».

Interesting fact: one of the owls in the Pafos Zoo starred in the «Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone» movie. He’s a 14-year-old African spotted eagle-owl called Spot, and he’s very active and friendly.

Pafos Zoo was the first and biggest licensed zoo to be established in Cyprus and is set in a lush and unspoiled natural environment of more than 100.000 sq.m. As one of the island’s leading tourist attractions, it is home to an extensive variety of birds and animals from every corner of the planet. Pafos Zoo is committed to animal care and creates compelling experiences that connect people with wildlife and inspire personal responsibility for conserving the natural world.