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New Innowalk Trainer for young Andriana, an inspirational child

A few months ago, parents of a young angelic child, Andriana Charalambous, wrote to the Andrey & Julia Dashin’s Foundation. They were asking for support in buying the Innowalk Trainer for their daughter, who was diagnosed with Spastic Quadriplegia (a form of cerebral palsy) at birth.

Since November 2019, Andriana’s family has been collecting money to purchase an Innowalk, a device that would help her stretch and strengthen her arms & legs muscles so that she can get used to being mobile and improve the flexibility of her joints. The Innowalk Pro is a robotic rehabilitation trainer allowing patients with moderate to severe physical disabilities to stand and move by offering exceptional flexibility in adjustment and support.

The cost of such a device is in the tens of thousands of euros, which was very difficult to collect for a family with three children. Andriana’s family did absolutely everything to provide her with a loving atmosphere of support and positive encouragement despite the difficulties and physical limitations. Her amazing, loving parents arranged all types of rehabilitation, physiotherapy, acupunctural therapy, speech therapy, and intensive care for her. Unfortunately, all of these treatments caused giant expenses, forcing the family to take out loans, which in turn made buying the Innowalk with their own funds near impossible.

Through her parents’ love, Adriana has grown into a beautiful and cheerful 12-year-old girl, with eyes full of life. Nowadays, she goes to school and studies on par with her peers. No favors are given to her, she does not accept indulgence. She is a fighter, desiring to live fully, to her personal maximum.

Andriana’s story deeply touched the Founders, Andrey & Julia Dashin. Such an inspiring example of bravery, willpower and courageous spirit made her and her family an example for many of us. The Foundation was delighted to provide support to Andriana’s family.

Elpiniki Zachariou, the mother of Andriana, expressed her deepest gratitude:

«From all my heart I want to thank Mr. & Mrs. Dashin for their donation and for helping us buy the Innowalk Trainer for Andriana. We have been trying to get some assistance from so many authorities for the past year, but with no response. And now, thanks to the Foundation, we have it. Andriana totally loves the Trainer, and it is already making a huge difference for her and her mobility. Once again, thank you, Mr. and Mrs. Dashin, and God bless you and your family».


When Mr. Dashin saw the video with Andriana training on the Innowalk, sent by her mother with appreciation, he commented:

«Andriana is an angel on Earth. You can feel her strong spirit immediately. My wife and I were inspired to support her as her story is one of a ‘small in body, great in the soul’ human. She has this beautiful «hunger to life», and of course we wanted to provide her the chance to experience life on a more profound level, by standing «on her own» and without a wheelchair. For us, seeing Adriana’s shining eyes is the greatest form of gratitude we can receive».