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Supporting cancer patients in distress by joining forces with the Cyprus Anti-Cancer Society

Andrey & Julia Dashin’s Foundation aims to provide the necessary assistance to those in need across Cyprus during this difficult time of the COVID-19 pandemic. The virus has also affected the Cyprus Anti-Cancer Society as they had to postpone all events, thereby limiting the ability to raise funds to support cancer patients. In light of this, Andrey & Julia Dashin’s Foundation helps Cyprus Anti-Cancer Society patients by giving 20 families living in Limassol supermarket vouchers.

Andrey Dashin made the following statement: “We decided to help the families of cancer patients living in Limassol who are in a great need of groceries as the pandemic has affected them a lot. Those who worked had to stop their activities as they are in high risk group, some cannot work at all due to their illness, but they have children and need to feed their families. The Cyprus Anti-Cancer Society is our long-term partner and we hope that our donation will allow them to provide the assistance to cancer patients with the same love and professionalism as the Society has always done.”

Mrs. Maria Ioannidou, Executive Director of the Cyprus Anticancer Society expressed deep appreciation for the ongoing support from Andrey and Julia Dashin’s Foundation.

“The COVID-19 pandemic has created unprecedented disruption in our society. Nevertheless, the Cyprus Anticancer Society took up action from the start and continued providing Palliative Care Services to cancer patients throughout Cyprus. Thanks to the current donation from Andrey and Julia Dashin’s Foundation we were able to cover the needs in groceries of 20 families through our Social Services. We are grateful and honored by this support”, Mrs. Ioannidou highlighted.

The Cyprus Anti-Cancer Society (established in 1971) is a registered Charity Organisation that cares for people with cancer providing them with complete Palliative Care Services in line with international standards. The aim is to support the patients’ families and caregivers, but also inform the wider public about cancer prevention, diagnosis, treatment and relief.