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Exinity volunteers join Let’s Do it Cyprus 2020, the biggest environmental campaign on the island, sponsored by Andrey& Julia Dashin’s Foundation

This year has opened our eyes to many realities of the modern world. We have become more conscious and, as a result, more responsive and responsible for the impact we make by our actions. The whole planet has been shaken. However, one of the positive outcomes of the controversial 2020, is that all of us started taking great care of ourselves, our close ones, and, in particular, the environment in which we live. We are all so dependent on our surroundings. In order to support this environment, a high level of alertness and real steps are needed.

Forty volunteers from Exinity decided to take an active part in the biggest island clean-up campaign Let’s Do it Cyprus 2020, organized by Together Cyprus Volunteer Network in cooperation with the Office of the Commissioner for Volunteerism and for the Environment of the Republic of Cyprus.

Let’s Do it Cyprus, which is a part of the Let’s Do It! World Campaign, was held during the week of October 26 – November 1, 2020, aimed at cleaning up the garbage and waste found in the urban and natural areas of our beautiful island.

On 31 October, the Exinity team arrived at the meeting point not far from the Limassol General Hospital, the area which was allocated for volunteer cleaning purposes. More than 30 huge bags with all sorts of rubbish were collected by outstanding volunteers.

Exinity Shareholder, Andrey Dashin emphasized: «I was glad to get personally involved in such an inspiring social movement of incredible environmental and civic activism. A clean environment is vital for healthy living, which is why my wife and I were very enthusiastic to join the volunteers. I strongly believe we should respect nature, provide rational use of natural resources, and evaluate each of our actions with regards to the effect it causes to the area where we live».

Andrey & Julia Dashin’s Foundation has been one of the permanent sponsors of the Let’s Do it Cyprus cleaning campaign for many years. Foundations stance is clear: it is essential to spread the concern for environmental problems. Even more than this, and of paramount importance, is to help protect the Earth. Here is what we can do: volunteer for cleanups, educate on environmental issues, conserve water, choose sustainable, shop wisely, and plant a tree.