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Fintech Exinity launches innovative solutions to simplify risk-driven trading and investing across the MENA region

Exinity’s innovative trading and investment solutions are designed to empower individuals to build and manage their wealth through a risk-driven approach. The Exinity Group is authorized and regulated in multiple jurisdictions, including by the ADGM Financial Services Regulatory Authority in Abu Dhabi, the Financial Services Commission in Mauritius, and the Capital Markets Authority in Kenya.

Exinity being the new wealth engine with an ambition to unlock the value of risk-driven trading for ambitious individuals, recently launched two new trading and investment solutions, Exinity Trader and Exinity World. The launch of Exinity Trader and Exinity World will simplify risk-driven trading and investing, enabling a greater number of ambitious individuals in the Middle East region to participate in trading and investment opportunities across markets and asset classes.

Both solutions are designed to help investors take more confident control of their financial future by empowering them to make investment decisions to build and manage their wealth, regardless of where they are in their trading journey. This is in line with Exinity’s mission of “Love Risk. Live Reward” – which embodies the philosophy of taking risks to make gains.

Lex Webster, Co-CEO, said, “The new generation of investors and traders needs financial tools that provide them with a frictionless experience, support their financial literacy, and help them grow their wealth. This digitally savvy generation wants and needs intuitive platforms, and engaging content to make investment decisions for their future. That’s why Exinity, with more than two decades of expertise and experience, is setting new standards with these solutions so the next generation of investors can reap the benefits of risk-driven trading.”

Designed for experienced traders, Exinity Trader leverages the popular MetaTrader platform with its advanced features and analytical tools. Users of Exinity Trader have access to global markets including equities, forex, indices, and commodities from a single account, with extremely low trading costs – just $2 commission per lot on FX and CFD trades with spreads as low as zero and commission-free trading in US equities.

Exinity World, Exinity’s innovative investment app provides those new to investing and trading with a simple way to access the opportunity in financial markets and the ability to trade and invest with confidence. Exinity World is designed to teach the basics of trading and investing through intuitive screens with simple explanations. It also provides the reassurance of automatic risk management with leverage guidance and stop losses in place by default on every trade. These unique features of the World app allow traders to take advantage of opportunities and stay in control of their investments while managing risk to stay within their confidence, risk tolerance, and skill level. The Exinity World app can be downloaded from the Google Play store and iOS app store.

Jason Hughes, Commercial Director, Middle East & North Africa, said: “Our goal is to make our clients their own wealth managers, empowering them to develop investment strategies and make trading decisions effortlessly, in their own time and on their own terms, and by doing so give them the freedom to succeed. Our ‘Wealth Engine’ offering is based on this idea of providing investors with easy and seamless access to wealth-building opportunities while equipping them with the knowledge, skills, and support they need to become empowered traders.”

Clients of Exinity Trader and Exinity World will also have access to Exinity Edge a knowledge hub designed to build knowledge and confidence through educational content and market insights delivered in easily digestible formats.

Earlier this year, Exinity launched its first product, Exinity Trader PRO, regulated by the ADGM Financial Services Regulatory Authority in UAE. It is aimed at professional traders who want a bespoke service that combines MetaTrader with unrivaled pricing, flawless trade execution, and expert analysis – all with professional support from an experienced account management team in the UAE.

Building on its corporate experience outside the US and Western Europe, Exinity has specifically chosen the Middle East to launch its innovative wealth-building solutions. The region has a strong emerging middle class of men and women who have both the ambition and entrepreneurial drive to create financial security for themselves and their families. In addition, the region has traditionally been open to innovative businesses that provide services to both local and expatriate communities. In due course, Exinity will launch in other markets in Africa, Latin America, and the Far East.

About Exinity Group

In the fast-growing economies of the world, a new generation of ambitious millennials is eager to gain financial independence. Exinity’s mission is to help them achieve it. We’re providing them with risk-driven trading and investment solutions, backed by risk management tools, education, and support, all delivered through a modern user experience.

For over 20 years, Exinity has provided leveraged trading to some two million customers through our global brands Alpari and FXTM. Now in 2021, we’re launching new products that will offer trading and investing in a wide range of asset classes, through feature-rich mobile apps. With built-in active risk management, market insight from in-house experts, and personal support we will enable a new generation to gain the freedom to succeed.