Euro Collapse Not a Surprise for Experienced Traders

Kommersant, №120, 02.06.05 A record drop for the euro and the simultaneous rise of the dollar during the past week have attracted a great deal of attention on the international currency market (Forex).

A Self-Made Man

The Republic of Tatarstan, №109, 31.05.05 There are a variety of ways to evaluate the development of a country: the standard of living, the level of personal freedom, the level of civic awareness…

A History of Success

Evening Kazan, 20.05.05 The nationwide “Financial Elite of Russia” Awards were held this year, with the people of Kazan taking an active role in the event.

Kazan Brokers Come Out on Top!

Komsomolskaya Pravda (Tatarstan edition), 19.05.05 This spring, Alpari walked away a winner from the prestigious “Financial Elite of Russia” Awards.

Andrey Dashin: “Follow the Trends and Bet on the Future”

TatСenter, 18.05.05 Andrey Dashin is vice president of Alpari. Thanks to Dashin and his team, Kazan is now home to one of the leading dealing centers in Russia.

“Best Internet Broker” in Russia Rooted in Kazan

Moskovskiy Komsomoletz (Tatarstan edition), 18.05.05 This spring, Alpari was named the “Best Internet Broker” at the national “Financial Elite of Russia” Awards. An expert panel selected Alpari for its skilled management team, reliable client software and the cohesiveness of its team.